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Department of orthopedics operation microscope manufacturers about its features and how to choose
2012-8-24 10:27:43

Department of orthopedics operation microscope is the most striking feature of binocular on hand mirror, namely the two doctors face under the microscope of vascular suture operation. Therefore the Department of orthopedics operation microscope simultaneously suitable for replantation of severed finger hand surgery, burns and plastic surgery, fallopian tube, vas deferens, the breaking of Department of gynaecology andrology. All vascular anastomosis operation are applicable.

Performance characteristics:

1, double binocular on hand mirror, optical path, the same magnification requirements, with the market

2, according to the operation site selection of magnification. General vascular anastomosis can be magnified 10 times, and some small vessels must be more than 16 times ( such as children's finger capillary ) to facilitate operation. Therefore, 5~25 times the stepless electric continuous variable times as the best, second third discontinuous zoom 6X10X16X. Fixed zoom 10 times as the basic requirements. Under normal circumstances, the Department of orthopedics for spine surgery, neurovascular complex. Request with 5~25 times electric continuous zoom system.Such as my company LZL-6A, and burn and plastic parts, due to uncertainty range, are likely to encounter complex neurovascular, therefore also suggested the use of type LZL-6A.

3, for the convenience of operation, the band X-Y planar mobile microscope best, moving range ( about 40 mm, before and after ) can be.

4, operation doctor hands busy, and aseptic operation, thus the micro focus ( fine focus range is 40mm. ) Plane move operation must use foot controller, and it is best to use waterproof switch.

5, a cold light source coaxial illumination, light bulb to facilitate replacement, especially in a stepless power zoom lens operation, must have a conversion bulbs, such as my company's LZL-6A four conversion bulb. Also can choose xenon lighting, its life is longer. The brightness of the illumination generally up to 30000Lx on the line, no continuous variable times mirror can reach as high as above 60000Lx.

6, other indicators such as the working distance of 200mm field diameter¦µ 55~¦µ 11, distance regulation 54-75mm, visibility adjusting”Ą 6D, eyepiece magnification around 12.5X, these are all within the international standard can, on a little more, all without good or bad. According to the need also to choose digital camera and CCD camera, the operation data acquisition and teaching to provide a convenient.

7, General requirements, frame with convenient and flexible operation, compact and beautiful on the line, no continuous variable times big operation with mirror, frame to bully strong, firm, mobile convenient, flexible operation, complete function.

8, from the domestic market share, Department of orthopedics, Department of plastic surgery, higher education research, teaching 80% were type LZL-6A, hand surgery, family planning and dissection test with 80% XTS-4A is a portable type. Different scopes, bring out the best in each other.

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