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Department of cerebral surgery operation microscope supplier:Characteristic
2012-8-24 10:29:21

Department of cerebral surgery department of neurosurgery operation microscope operation microscope is in the realm of king, it to the optical part and the control performance requirements, the first German Cai Si and Lycra is the best, but the price is high, so that the vast majority of small and medium-sized hospital and step back.And domestic real Department of cerebral surgery operation microscope can be used rarely, mostly only reluctantly to use, very convenient.Only Zhenjiang Zhongtian optical company auspicious bird brand LZL-21 type operation microscope in recent years since it has been more and more numerous hospitals and accept favour. Through years of use, in the industry has enjoyed " Chinese Cai Si " reputation. At present, the product demands exceeds supply in the market.Type LZL-21 operation microscope performance and characteristics of the two main aspects:

1, the optical performance, the primary mirror and secondary mirror binocular binocular optical path, with the same magnification, field of view, magnification 5~25 times electric stepless continuous adjustable; and the imaging is clear, strong stereo sense 10cm excellent depth of field is completely suitable for the deep cavity operation Department of cerebral surgery. Coupled with a unique xenon lamp cold light source lighting, so that the field of view to achieve high fluorescent brightness, visual field is clearer, the illumination optical path and size adjustable.

2, the control performance is excellent, the machine equipped with the German first-class equipment with electromagnetic regulating space positioning system, each rotating joint manipulation of flexible. The hand-held control, a key start, comfortable and convenient, six degree of freedom motion, around, large angle electric pitch, rotating. Binocular primary mirror with optical hinge to be 180 °„flip side mirror; arbitrary rotation angle, plus a microcomputer program control circuit, LCD touch screen, modular design is stable and reliable and the optional teaching, digital, photography, photography, and video operation of optical image processing system.

The powerful functions, plus attractive price, make its price all over the world come first on the list, by domestic and foreign customers praise

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