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2012-8-24 10:32:49

Zhenjiang Zhongtian optical instruments limited liability company to introduce the company profiles:

Zhenjiang Zhongtian optical instruments limited liability company is a professional R & D and production operation microscope and related medical equipment joint-stock companies, specializing in the production and development of suitable for various microsurgical operation of the light, machine, electric, magnetic integration of operation microscope series products, the company formerly known as " Zhenjiang optical instrument factory ", 2000 restructuring of the establishment of now joint-stock company. The company first engaged in the military for the production of optical products, from 72 onwards gradually changes the line of production of civilian products, self-developed series binocular operation microscope, to fill the domestic blank, at present we have engaged in the " lucky bird " as a trademark licensing XTS series, LZL series operation microscope operation microscope operation microscope, LZJ series and XTY-1 series of vagina microscope for research and development and production, the variety of hand surgery, Department of orthopedics, Department of burns and plastic surgery, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Neurosurgery, ENT, gynecology and dental. A total of four series of nearly twenty varieties. Has become China 's hometown and the base of operation microscope. Its products are exported to over 30 countries and regions. All kinds of operation microscope had been the provincial, city, National Science and Technology Progress Award and certificate of high-tech products.

The company's Department of Neurosurgery, facial features division series products of domestic first, close to the international advanced level. Access to domestic experts spoke highly of.

The company's Department of orthopedics, hand surgery, plastic surgery products leading the country, and continuously improved, in the domestic representative. By the user favorite.

The company's Department of Ophthalmology products, superior quality, the country's leading optical and cheap, is the bright younger generation, won the majority of small and medium-sized hospital welcome.

The company's dental mirror the first optical effect, function and practical value can be compared with the world advanced comparable products. The price is more popular.

The gynecologic colposcopy, from optical colposcope to photoelectric colposcopy, have everything that one expects to find, as the leading domestic, international bestseller.

In 2002 March, the company passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, in 2005 passed the IS09001-2000 international quality certification, and adopted the TUV international quality certification CE. And in 2005 was awarded the title of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, in 2009 passed the YY/T0287-2003idt and ISO13485.2003 quality and management certification. And has always been committed to high-tech and new product development. Not only has the development of advanced equipment and strong technical strength, processing technology. And the company of young, high-quality, full of vitality of the staff and the industry has formed the "integrity first, quality-oriented, careful manufacture, the pursuit of perfection " of the corporate culture, created a number of dedicated, hard work and enterprising workforce, structure the company's development of a strong driving force.

The company insisted: " technology-led, customer-centric, to serve for the protection of " business philosophy, and constantly provide customers with quality products and services, and has a perfect after sale service network and after sale service team technical staff.

With the deepening of economic reform, the company will further deepen the internal reform of enterprises, optimize the management, focusing on cultivating the high-quality scientific research and development team, increase scientific research incentive mechanism, make the company become the international standards and has a light, machine, electric, magnetic integrated research and development of high-precision, high-grade operation microscope and other medical products and modernization of enterprises, continue to research and development of the market demand for high-tech products, for China's medical and health to contribute to the cause.

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